Mindset and the Workplace

  • 12 May 2015
  • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Booz Allen Hamilton, 5800 Lake Wright Dr, 4th Floor, Norfolk, VA 23502


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Mindset and the Workplace


How does our mindset impact our effectiveness as learning professionals? Are we coming from a growth mindset that sees challenges as exciting opportunities to learn and grow? Or are we stuck at times and see challenges as threatening and think, oh, I’m going to reveal my weakness? If we are afraid of challenges we can change our perspective into a growth mindset and look at all the growth possibility, even if we’re out of our comfort zone.


Come join us to recognize where and how fixed and growth mindsets might help or hinder behavior and performance. 


Our time together will be based on the work of Carol Dweck & Peter Heslin.




Jonathan West

Passionate about learning and service. In today’s constantly changing workplace the ability to step back, take perspective, and creative innovative solutions is a valuable skill. With over 20 years experience in leadership and learning roles, Jonathan brings blue sky perspective, innovative thinking, collaborative skills to teams and projects to enhance organizational learning and performance.




Nancy Hardy

Dedicated to serve and enjoys learning. Delivering both technical and interpersonal skills in the training field, Nancy has over 18 years of facilitation experience.  Nancy has most recently impacted culture and behavior change through instructing Learning Organization Workshops based on Peter Senge’s book: “The 5th Discipline.”    She is excited to explore the Growth Mindset with her SEVA peers. 


Please remember to bring your items to support the FoodBank.

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