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  • Formative Assessment as a Tool for Doing Good

Formative Assessment as a Tool for Doing Good

  • 14 Nov 2017
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Strayer University-Chesapeake, 676 Independence Parkway, Third Floor, Chesapeake, VA 23320


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Guest Speaker- Mark Bowers 

Formative Assessment as a Tool for Doing Good

It can be hard to understand how much of an impact a mission-centered organization actually makes.  Measuring countable things like donor dollars, volunteer hours and beds provided indicate activity…but not necessarily impact. Do these truly measure “better life”?

To make it even more challenging, the “better life” for the population these organizations serve likely depends on external efforts as well as individual client behavior.  If you can’t make decisions based on meaningful measures of impact, then you should be measuring what matters!

In this session, we’ll look at formative assessment as a set of motivators that could be used to systemically bring about and support your desired results.

ATD Competency Model: CHANGE MANAGEMENT: Ability to apply a systematic process to shift individuals, teams, and organizations from current state to the desired state

Learning Objectives: Describe the top three learning or service objectives of the program.

1)  Recognize the difference between counting things and measuring things;

2)  Learn the theory of rubrics as a tool for guiding and measuring internal performance and behaviors; and

3)  Develop a technique for using rubric-based formative assessment at their home organization

From Mark: 

My goal is to help you replace self-doubt with self-confidence.

My passion is to help social sector leaders make distinctive and sustainable impact for the community they serve.

My objective is to help you be confident in making performance-based and data-driven decisions. You'll build the courage to act on those decisions; and you'll build the tools to actively manage the results of those decisions.

About the speaker:

My passion is to assist leaders make a distinctive, sustainable social impact—distinctive in that the leader’s organization is making a genuine difference, and sustainable in that the organization will still be around next year to do good.  I have 30-plus years in leadership and management of government, business and information technology efforts including a full career as a US Navy submarine officer, ten years in the corporate workforce, and now as an organizational excellence coach. 

I also practice what I preach—I proudly serve as a volunteer leader for the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI), and also as a volunteer caseworker for a military/veteran financial aid organization. To serve you well, I maintain my coach credential (ACC), my Project Management Professional certification (PMP), and continue professional development in facilitation.

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