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  • The Power of Stories in Lives of Purpose

The Power of Stories in Lives of Purpose

  • 11 Sep 2018
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Strayer University, 676 Independence Parkway, Chesapeake, VA


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The Power of Stories in Lives of Purpose

Attendees will better understand the power of personal stories and the impact they have on their colleagues, clients, and their own lives. 

How our nation has been changed by the telling of a story. 

How to tell ourselves the right stories on a daily basis, for greatest growth and effectiveness.

Dynamically altering outcomes for the better, through engaging personal stories.

The joy and buy-in that come from believing in other's value, potential, capacity for love, and ability to affect positive change in our world. 

Guest speaker:

Jeffrey Byrd, Speaker, Coach, Trainer, Writer, and Radio Host at Jeffrey Byrd Coaching. 

The mission of Jeffrey Byrd Coaching is to:

-ENHANCE ORGANIZATIONAL HEALTH and therefore the lives of all involved with them, by developing greater cooperation and cohesion of leadership teams, clarity throughout the organization, increased job satisfaction and greater cooperation and productivity. No one has ever told me, "You know, our team is just too healthy. We value each other too deeply, have too much clarity and cooperation between departments, have too high morale, too many influential leaders!"
-CREATE LEADERSHIP CULTURES in which leadership is seen as influence and all team members are developed to their greatest potential 
-ENCOURAGE STRATEGIC ALIGNMENT OF TEAMS across departmental lines, decreasing politics, silos and departmental turf wars 
-CREATE MOTIVATIONAL WORK ENVIRONMENTS in which all team members feel valued, are heard and understood in an environment of encouragement, and are provided resources, opportunities, and mentoring toward realizing their greatest potential
-DEEPEN THE UNDERSTANDING OF THE VALUE OF EVERY TEAM MEMBER in which all team members are valued as individuals with specific strengths and aptitudes and in which their contributions to the team, and therefore those whom the team serves, are known and recognized. 

The means utilized to accomplish this are:
EDUCATIONAL PRESENTATIONS: customized for the specific needs and goals of individual teams and organizations. 
GROUP COACHING/WORKSHOPS: designed to achieve specific outcomes based on group objectives.
KEYNOTE SPEAKING: ranging across motivational, tactical, and strategic themes. 
LEADERSHIP GAME: an exclusive of the John Maxwell Team Mentorship program. This highly interactive and awareness generating game has the potential to drastically improve leader/team awareness and performance, as it simultaneously serves as a leadership training, team building/communication, and assessment tools. 

Jeffrey Byrd is a certified speaker, trainer and coach with the John Maxwell Team. 


6:00 pm - 6:15 pm Join us for socializing, networking, and refreshments before and after the meeting

6:15 pm - 6:30 pm:  Welcome/Icebreaker 

6:30 pm - 7:45 pm: Presentation

7: 45 pm: Q&A 

8:00 pm- Closing 

Join us at our sponsoring location:

676 Independence Parkway-Third Floor 

Room 313

Chesapeake, VA 23320 

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