Talent + Skills = Success Edge

  • 16 Feb 2012
  • 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Hampton/Newport News Community Services Board


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"Talent + Skills = Success Edge"


Elizabeth and Joe Lacroix

Nearly all professions attract potential candidates for a variety of reasons. Among the list are considerations like potential compensation, glamour, prestige, fun, excitement, ease, and being able to make a difference. Too often the job that may result from a well-planned search doesn't meet expectations. There is a better way for those seeking a job as well as those searching for just the right candidate. Start with a simple approach, an examination of requisite talent compared to the learned skills that comprise the activities expected of the position.
We too often think of requisite talent as an innate ability to play the piano, for example. While that is an ideal illustration, it hardly meets the demands of everyday requirements in the Training and Development field. Here the requisite talent may be the natural inclination to recognize someone having a hard time learning the material and adapting your presentation to meet that need. Being able to apply the myriad of options as a training and development professional will make the difference between success and marginal performance.
During this session the facilitators will provide an easy-to-use inventory of potential requisite talent as well as an option to calculate the match between that talent pool and the needs of virtually any position. The result will provide a valuable advantage as you look for the ideal job or job candidate.
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