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        Joseph J. and Elizabeth T. Lacroix




As organization developers, Joe and Elizabeth Lacroix partner with clients to help identify the initial set of “low return-on-investment” conditions and help them design and implement remediative actions to improve those conditions.  Their brand of organization development includes the certification of internal resources to sustain improvements and engage recurring internal options to “find and fix” the subsequent sets of “low return-on-investment” priorities.   With internal certification comes the installation of proprietary CapacityWareTM Software that assists with diagnostics, design, implementation, and evaluation activities.  Once a client, always a client!  With or without a retainer, QWLC is always available with needed specialized training certification in advanced topics as well as routine mentoring services to those who have been certified and continue with the use of these technologies. 

 Summary  Training Specialization
  • Facilitation Team Training
  • RGB WorkStyle Preference Training
  • LMSF (Leadership, Management, Supervisor and Followership) Capacity Development
  • Workgroup Retreat Events
  • Integrated Data Collection  Systems (Style Preference with Organizational Symptoms)
  • Diversity Dozen Training
  • Blended E-Learning Certification Training Programs (Residency with Online Component)
  • CapacityWareTM Software Training and Coaching
  • Diagnose Conditions
  • Design Corrective Actions
  • Implement Solutions - Evaluate Results
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