Welcome to SEVA ATD Career Connections 2017 - "Hampton Roads Meeting Place for Career Professionals."

SEVA ATD Career Connections is open to any adult looking to start, enhance, or redefine their careers in all types of industries. Membership in SEVA ATD is not required.

SEVA ATD Career Connections will offer a range of professional development workshops to assist participants in their respective fields. Last year was a productive and engaging year as we took on such topics as: How to Apply Acquired Training Into A Successful Learning Outcome; Title VII- Policy, Law, and Employer and Employee Rights; Job Readiness and Preparation Training; best practices in branding and marketing for employment opportunities; career advancement and self-development, and many other exciting and dynamic workshop presentations. This year will be no differently as we will continue our learning and training on such subjects as: Advancing Human and Intellectual Capital, Networking Strategies (Going Above and Beyond What is Expected), Businesses Espousing the Non WARN Mindset for Optimum Success in Rapid Reemployment, Career Planning and Direction, and much more! You don't want to miss out on these awesome presentations being delivered by some of Hampton Roads' greatest leaders and visionary's, in the area.

Career Connections welcomes all professionals who are interested in becoming the best at what they do and SEVA ATD Career Connections's goal is to provide career development strategies where we can. While SEVA ATD Career Connections works towards these goals please note that SEVA ATD Career Connections is not a job-employment-club, and we do not offer job opportunities, but we will provide a gateway via social networking at our meetings that could provide a means to share your interests with other professionals.

As a final mesage, it is our hope as a professional organization that members and participants reap the most out of our meetings. As such SEVA ATD offers these dynamic presentations from industry leaders and professionals, at no cost. These guest presenters are volunteering to share their expertise to enhance our professional selves and we are so very grateful for them giving of their time and talent and not ask for anything in return, so we thank them for their time. In kind, please share this professional setting to your network of colleagues and associates that could also benefit from this platform and share our website to visit: www.sevatd.org.

Thank you for your interest and see you soon at our next meeting! 

Schedule of Events

Please send all inquiries to careerclub.sevaatd@gmail.com


“SEVA ATD Career Club meetings have been very insightful to me. It’s a wonderful forum set up to help others gain the knowledge and tools necessary to be competitive today’s job market. I feel especially excited about the opportunity to learn from & listen to real-world experts that have years of experience to share. The Career Club acts as a road map for job seekers by offering advice pertaining to the skills, knowledge, and abilities that appeal employers. I’m often encouraged to see such a vigorous group of people dedicated to finding employment. In this respect, the Career Club has been a valuable networking opportunity.”- Julvonne Skinner-Loar, Future HR Professional 

“SEVA ATD Career Club provides their members with the necessary tools to make them competitive in today’s job market. It is also a good place to network. Topics are geared towards keeping members abreast and up-to-date on ways to enter, and reenter the workforce and those who are career changers during this difficult economy. The Career Club will have you READY for your CAREER!!!” - Francine Tevis, Retired US Navy  

“I had the honor of being on the employer panel for SEVA ATD Career Club's February meeting. It was a great Saturday morning with thoughtful Q&A from the club members and a great opportunity to assist those in building up their toolbox of job search and resume tools. What a great resource for both job seekers and skill honers alike!" - Joelle Edgerman- MYMIC, HR Director

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