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ATD International Conference and Exposition 

The best conference for talent development professionals is on it's way to San Diego, California. Here is your time to gather the best practices, knowledge, skills and technology used in our industry. You will walk away armed and ready to empower yourself and your workforce for the best talent development outcomes. If you have never been to an ATD ICE you don't want to miss this opportunity. Check out the details in the link above. 

Keynote Speakers


So, you say you have never been to an ATD ICE and would really like to go but may not have the complete funds? Then, you may want to consider and opportunity to volunteer for the ATD ICE. Yes, that's right. Volunteering is an opportunity to work, learn and earn valuable take-aways. Check out this link to volunteer and off-set the cost of the ATD ICE: VOLUNTEER. If you don't wish to volunteer, and are looking for general conference information, or to register, please visit atdconference.org and make sure to use the SEVA ATD CHIP code: CH4096 when registering to give credit to the chapter!

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