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Volunteering at seva atd

ATD Southeast Virginia is successful because of amazing volunteers. For years, volunteers have demonstrated commitment to the SEVA Chapter by graciously contributing their time, talents, and resources. Volunteering provides greater networking opportunities, deep relationships with members, and a chance for professional development. Make the most of your talents! Contact: [email protected]  to learn more about the following:

    • Programs and Conference
    • Membership
    • Sponsorship
    • Social Media
    • Marketing 
Thank you for looking into volunteer opportunities. We attempt to match  your interest, skills, and time available to the current needs of the chapter. The strength of our chapter's future is largely advanced through our volunteers. 

Volunteer Benefits: 

  • Reduced annual membership rate and local conference rate
  • Practice skills that are not utilized in their paid work and learn new skills
  • Make valuable professional contacts and advance in their profession
  • Opportunity to leadership roles on the SEVA ATD Board
  • Become recognized by their peers and have fun
  • Recognition as a SEVA ATD volunteer and nominated for the SEVA ATD StarFIsh Award

Programs & Conference Committee


On the 2nd Tuesday of each month, members and non-members are invited to come together from 6-8pm. The first half hour is for networking and light refreshments. Then, a guest speaker enlightens attendees on a topic which is specifically chosen to correlate with the Areas of Expertise for those interested in maintaining certification (CPLP) or developing content knowledge. 


Our Fall Conference is a fun filled and engaging complete day of learning. Ensuring this event fulfills attendees' expectations is an incredible undertaking that will take the collaboration of many to assist with pre-conference planning, day of Welcome Desk, and silent auction setup, etc. 

Membership Committee

Various opportunities exist whether you're a behind-the-scenes type or prefer to be in the forefront. Being the voice of the chapter is an important role and here's how your assistance is needed:

    • Look for ways to engage and retain members. 
    • Provide welcome and guidance to guests at events to create a memorable first and lasting impression. 
    • Coordinate with the VP of Membership on membership drives and promotions. 
    • Assist with planning and facilitating the New Member Welcome Orientation. 

Sponsorship Committee

Assist in maintaining the financial health of the organization. Although SEVA ATD is a non-profit, there must still be funds available to bring fruition to the many initiatives of the Chapter, which include education programs, yearly socials , and an annual local conference at a reduced cost for those who prefer to remain local or their budget is limited. Ways you could help include:

    • Recruit and retrain program and conference sponsors. 
    • Promote the value-added to becoming a monthly workshop, special program, yearly, or annual conference sponsor.  

Social Media Committee

This committee will oversee the primary social media outlets (i.e., Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook). The chairperson of this committee will serve as a coordinator to help outline content for this committee and to outline responsibilities of each of the committee members. A professional member will serve as the chairperson of this committee, but early career professionals and students can make up the majority of this committee. The content produced by this committee is in aligned with the values of SEVA ATD and ATD. Content will be updated frequently.

  • Post chapter activities 
  • Post social media content from HQ ATD 
  • Post visual pics to depict the value of membership
  • Post available professional development and educational programs for members

Marketing Committee

The marketing committee will use a range of methods to get the word out, some of which include press releases, radio announcements,  and direct mail campaigns. An organization's available assets and resources affect a marketing committee's choices and decisions when developing a marketing strategy.  The committee will develop the marketing strategy used to promote the organization's mission and causes. Marketing strategies may also target potential volunteer workers to donate their time and skills on behalf of the organization.

  • Develop a chapter quarterly newsletter.
  • Work in partnership with HQ ATD for chapter marketing materials. 
  • Look for ways to engage and retain members via marketing strategies. 

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