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Foundational Elements of Learning and Talent Development

Core 4 is the premier foundational training and development conference where you’ll learn the fundamentals of instructional design, training delivery and facilitation, evaluating impact, and learning technologies.

What Is the Core 4 Conference?

This intimate two-day learning experience focuses on the foundational elements of talent development:

·       Instructional Design

·       Training Delivery & Facilitation

·       Evaluating Impact

·       Learning Technologies

The conference features three keynote speakers, more than 25 educational sessions across four content tracks, and an environment where you can easily network and learn from peers. You'll leave Core 4 knowing how to create richer learning experiences that will deliver better results.

Learning objectives:

·       Design better training programs that improve performance.

·       Develop and deliver events that engage learners.

·       Evaluate the impact of your solutions.

·       Create engaging e-learning experiences.

Who Should Attend?

New trainers, accidental ones, or experienced professionals can learn from the fundamentals of talent development. If you’re looking to gain knowledge of the essentials or if you found yourself in a training and development role without a formal education in adult learning, Core 4 will teach you what you need to know to be competitive.

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